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News & Events:

27 April 2009:

EarthSky podcast on cooling the planet with crops.

28 November 2008:

On 10th November, Dr Dan Lunt appeared as an expert witness before the Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee of the UK Government. The Select Committee was carrying out an investigation into the possible role of geoengineering (the intentional large-scale manipulation of the environment intended to reduce undesired climate change), and how this could be funded.

Dan Lunt argued that any sort of geoengineering research should be carried out at the same time as a concerted effort to reduce emissions, a move to more energy efficient lifestyles and to new technologies. However, given the lack of success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions so far, geoengineering could have a role to play. "The idea of geoengineering is pretty grotesque in some ways, but if it is the lesser of two evils then maybe that is the route we have to go down."

A full (uncorrected) transcript of the session is available here. Dan's research also featured in an associated briefing for the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.